Atelier portfolio

Famous companies and no less famous personalities have already created unique phones for themselves in Caviar Atelier. We have prepared for you a collection of our best works so that you can appreciate their quality.

Atelier Designers

Since 2016, Caviar has begun the cooperation with the new team of designers – Daniel Mazzon and Paolo Reato, who are famous in Italy thanks to their outstanding works for Ducatti and Pininafarina.
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Personal design

Professional designers, talented artists and hereditary jewelers work on the creation of the personal design. All works are performed on the base of an old jewelry workshop according to all the workmanship traditions.
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Modding on your phone

Modding is performed on your own phone, which means that there’s no need to spend money on purchasing a new device! You can take an existing Caviar design as a basis or create a fully new design coauthored with the artists of Caviar.
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How it works?

You create your ideal precious smartphone by your own, by choosing all the details of its design – the color, the material, the bas-relief, the leather – and see the result of your actions at once. The cost of the manufacturing the smartphone created by you will be calculated by the manager. Go for it, create! Create your design, then the Atelier manager will contact you to discuss the details and cost of the unique phone.


The masters of Caviar Atelier use only the rarest and high-quality materials from around the world: the gold of the highest standard, exotic natural leather, diamonds and many more.
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The atelier has a rich working experience with the most various devices created both by the Apple Company, and the leading manufacturers of technics working on Anroid, and the push-button phones on the base of Nokia.
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